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Skin Care Kits for Specific Needs

1. To enhance skin health + boost a Regular Routine + Special FX to up your game

(Pics will be updated ).
At every Age and for every Skin condition, these Kits will help to benefit the appearance, and helpful to decide on a Regular care routine.
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The Kit that Fits your Needs

Party Ready Kit | Luxe Mens Kit | Pigmentation Kit Other pages: Tummy Trio | Acne Kit

Party Ready Facial Kit

for the Special Occasion (prev Anti Aging Face Kit)
A Special Event is coming up, and You have a Goal : Sensational Skin in a short time.
Maybe you haven't had a regular routine, or need more than what regular routine offers. You want something Super-nourishing in a short time, put all that bad skin behind you, or just want to look extra special.

Face Serums This 4-in-1 Facial Kit will give Quick & awesome results + daily Nourishment to maintain effects. Be party-ready within the hour and look great for upto 4 weeks.
Facial Treat, A brightening Wash with Yashtimadhu & other Ayurvedic ingredients, 0.125 Oz.
Face Polish, with Blueberry Butter, Blueberry Seed, 0.125 Oz.
Facial Detox Clay, intense Firming Mask with Pomegranate Peel, Bee Pollen & Ayurvedic ingredients, 0.125 Oz.
(this is an updated version of Beauty Secret Masque. Skin 2 Love Cream with Myrtle, Lavender & Orchid Extracts 0.125 Oz.
More Product Details | See Post on Party Ready Kit |

Buy Party Ready Facial Kit $39.99

Men's KitLuxe Men's Kit

3 products of Part Ready Kit, for Skin Smoothing and even tone + Orchid Serum for a Radiant, youthful look + Hair Styling Cream with Ylang Ylang

Regular use for 1 month, to make Skin smooth and nourished, and also keep you well-coifed
Details on Kit

Buy Luxe Men's Kit $69.99

2 Custom Super-fining Kits
Gold Transform Kit Skin Transforming Kit with 23K Gold, Myrrh & Frankincense. For Bridal and Wedding-ready Skin.
Jewel Finish Kit Treatments for Face, Hair & Body | Email us with requirements or queries

Pink Your Skin : Pigmentation Kits

Pigmentation Kit

Sun damage causes pigmentation, collagen damage and makes skin dull, faded, making it look as if it has a constant tan. Read more on sun damage, product details: Pink your Skin: Rose vs the Sun

Pigmentation Kit : Mature skin, nurtures uneven skin tone, blotchy, faded skin, firming & Clarifying Masks, Daily Brightening Wash.
1. Rosy Cheeks Cream, 5g with Manuka Essential Oil, Beeswax, Apricot Kernel Oil, Pumpkin Seed Butter & a touch of Turkish Rose Otto
2. Detox Clay 5g with French Green Clay, activated Charcoal, and others. Works with cream to balance and give even toned skin
+ Detox Oil with Evening PrimRose Oil, Bergamot Essential oil 3. Black Soap with Black Walnut, Dead Sea Mud, Activated Charcoal to energize skin everyday (semi-solid, comes in a jar)

Packaging pictures to be updated. Packaging will vary slightly.

Buy Pigmentation Kit $34.99

Acne Kit
Acne Control Serum, Acne Old Scars Serum, Acne Detox Mask, Acne Wash
Acne Client Pics

Daydream Collection

Face SerumsMore Details

Intense nourishment and phenomenal benefits.
Orchid Serum For Glowing, Dew-Kissed Skin. Day Serum. Ageless, Firm, Glowing Skin with Orchid Extract

Pure Rose Creme, Cleopatra's Secret ingredient- the Rose- for Petal Soft, Supple, Clarified, Skin. Night Renewal.