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Holistic Serums Recommendations

Party Ready Facial Kit

For Spectacular Skin in Minutes, Use any one of the products/ Use in combination, or as once-a-month DIY for maintenance

Custom Vegan Party Ready Facial Kit - Skin Care Creams substituting natural butters for Beeswax.

Party Ready Facial Kit

Step 1: Cleanse & Lighten
Apply Facial Treat Soap on face and neck. Leave on for 5 minutes before wiping or washing off. Acts like a Cleanser to pollution, grime which fades skin. (Natural lightening effect, no bleaching chemicals)
Licorice Extract, Turmeric Extract, YashtiMadhu & other lightening herbal powders
Upto 30 uses.

Step 2: Polish Skin
Scrub gently with tiny scoop of Face Polish for 3-4 minutes with few drops of Water/ Rose Water/ oil depending on Skin type.
Ultra-moisturising with Natural grains, Blueberry Butter, Apple Pectin enzyme & special ayurvedic herbs to give a fine, polished look, acting as a gentle Natural Peel without chemicals, removing discoloration, folds on top skin layers.
giving naturally renewed, youthful looking, fresh skin.
Slightly drying, tingling sensation is normal.
Wash off after a few minutes.
Upto 12 uses.

Step 3 : Skin Tightening Mask
Apply essentail Clay Mask with Dead Sea Clay, Activated Charcoal & Ayurvedic ingredients
Intensely Tightens, Detoxifies, clarifies inner skin layers.
Take 1-2 pinches, mix with water, and apply as a thin, gritty layer on face. Wash off after 15 mins.
Upto 10 uses
See Before /After pics

Step 4: Maintain Effects
Use a tiny dab of Skin 2 Love Overnight Renewal Cream to maintain clear, beautiful skin for a long time.
4g will last upto 1month of daily usage. Use 2-3 times per week is optimal.
page and pics under updation

Party Ready Facial Kit.

Pictures are being updated. Small changes in packaging.

Party Ready Facial Kit $39.99


Facial Treat (Ultra Glow Soap) Wash
"Very good",
"Like it very much" ,
"I wash with it every day, am ready in 2 minutes."
"I have very dry skin, so I add moisturiser after washing. It gave a nice, clear skin and some small blemishes are fading."

Blueberry Skin Polish
" Smoothes hand wrinkles right out. Amazing."- Jodi

Beauty Secret Masque
"Really good"- Mina,
"I have oily skin and use lot of Mud masks, but this is really special amd gave a fresh look for 4-5 days."
"Applied to face & neck- I just like the smooth, supple skin and My neck looked and felt so youthful"

Pure Rose Cream
"Smells like a bit of heaven" Madhuri
"Using Rose nightly, and I no longer feel my skin is dry and parched all the time"
"At first I thought my acne would be irritated, because of all those oils, so I used barely a touch of it. By morning, My skin felt so good and a little redness was faded. I think its superb. Everyone thinks I got something done for the rosacea."- Clara

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