Luxurious, long & healthy tresses - thats what our 100% Natural HAIR Serums do for you.

Natural Hair Oil Flagship Product promotes a healthy scalp thereby reducing hairloss, promotes length and Regrowth of hair. Provides non-dye darkening to grey hair

Hair damage Conditioner Helps repairs dry, damaged hair by reintroducing oils stripped from hair due to excessive chemicals, heat, etc. Natural Blond or Brunette highlights

Natural Hair Oil

What it is
This Serum is a combination of natural oils picked for their properties of strengthening hair and scalp.

They include Centella or Gotu kala (Brahmi) used by the Indians for rejuvenating scalp and Indian Gooseberry (Amla) for its grey hair darkening properties. Camellia Oil, used by the Geisha for luxurious hair and other oils
It may help to
1. Make scalp healthy,
and giving strong hair
2. Improves appearance of hair, making it appear to grow hair longer, especially for slow growth of hair.
3. Improves appearance of receding lines, by making it appear thicker and fuller.
4. Some users noticed reducing hairloss, even for postpartum hairloss
5. Some users noticed darkening of grey hair when applied to hair, not scalp.
Most users observed appearance of hair to be stronger, fuller in 1-4 weeks.50% of users said they noticed hairlines have new growth, even in age-group of 70+.

Our highest number of customers have Black (African-American) hair, as it seems easier to notice improvement.

How long will the bottle last
If used according to directions, 2-3 times a week, 1oz bottle may last 3-4 months and for many cases, 6 months or more. It does not need regular use except in initial stages. Changing or enhancing diet to include healthy foods at this time will also benefit the scalp.

How to use
Apply overnight, just a few drops, enough to moisten scalp all over and leave on overnight or longer before washing. Apply atleast 2-3 times a week, more for quicker results, but not more than once a day. Do NOT use on facial hair.
A good way is to put a little in your palm, wet fingers of both hands and run them through every part of your scalp in a little rubbing motion- just enough to moisten it completely. Because the oil is on the thicker side, a little on fingers will cover a biggish area.

Some factors that may effect regrowth can be hereditary, general health, medical conditions, frequent usage of dyes, treatments, etc and other factors, hence results may vary- however 100% of tested users showed positive results.

Trial Size- Who can get results with it
Gives about6-8 applications. For people with short hair, a convenient size to check on for reducing hairloss, and darkening grey hair. Regrowth may not be seen with a Trial size

New Packaging & Sizes. More options for our BestSeller. Please see that we have 1/2oz size bottles now unlike 1 oz earlier

See 100% Natural Ingredients

1 bottle (0.5 Fl Oz)
(3-4 months)

1 bottles (1oz total qty)

Family Size
4 Fl Oz Save 20%

Trial 5ml
1-2 weeks

Hair Conditioner Serum

Contains Organic Ingredients
A unique natural treatment to intensively condition and treat damaged, dry and frizzy hair due to bleaching, perming, environmental damage from sun and chlorinated water, etc.

ultra-moisturizing Shea, Abysinnian, Jojoba & Avocado oils and essential oils of Myrrh. Rosemary, Chamomile beneficial to hair.

What do users notice
After each application, hair appears stronger, less brittle, Lesser breakage, healthier hair, reduces dryness & frizz by conditioning with natural oils to coat hair instead of the oils stripped away.

Can be used on all hairtypes to periodically condition and keep hair healthy. Permed, damaged hair may require daily treatments for some time to counteract damage.

What is Dark Repair & Blonde Repair
Formulated to enhance dark or light colored highlights - due to the natural action of essential oils of Rosemary and Chamomile, both?wonderfully healing to hair.Dark Repair will leave hair with a darker tint and darken highlights.
Blonde Repair will augment blonde highlights.

How to use
overnight,moisten damaged hair beginning from the ends, and working up. Apply more for extra-dry areas.
Best results when applied warm- Do not heat oil directly, place in a container of hot water for a few minutes and apply warm. Leave on overnight before washing.
Trial size of 5ml may be used 1-2 times for long hair and upto 4-5 times for short hair.
Number of applications for repair depends on damage, may require several applications for extra-damaged hair.
Using once a month will maintaing hair healthy and damage-free. If not very damaged, wash off after 1-2 hours.

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Dark Repair

2 Oz $99.99


1/2oz $34.99


5ml $17.99


Blonde Repair

2oz $99.99


1/2oz $34.99


5ml $17.99


Vegan Beauty Review says "I'm usually really skeptical about wonder products, but my hair was litterally transformed. It went from fragile, dry and hard to manage to smooth and strong. My hair is as healthy as it was in my youth and I'm soooooo stoked! "

Progression of regrowth in a 3 month period,
with thrice weekly usage. Larger pics & info on blog


. Progression of regrowth over a 4 month period, use of 1oz Hairgrowth Serum,thrice weekly

. Age 60+. Quicker results are indicated for younger age group,individual results vary.
Updated pics & info on blog

Non-dye Darkening
See Blog: How to use to darken grey hair to natural color