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Anti-aging Face Products

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Tomasi, Japan
"We've just started using the Orchid Serum and my wife who has such sensitive skin that she's rejected more products than i care to keep track of, says this product is the best."

"I am really noticing difference in jawline with the orchid serum it is really good now"
Sue, Australia

'that bottle that you sent, I cant believe how long it takes to use one little bottle.It sure only takes one little drop or two for the whole entire face." Kristy, USA

Anjola, Nigeria
"oh! Your serums are absolutely wonderful!
The orchid serum has done magic to my face. I had a black patch on my face and its already lightening up.
I find myself using tiny drops at a time so it can last longer. lol

Tina C, WI
"The orchid serum works great for lifting jaw line for me, recommended to a few people who are using it now!"

Natural Hair & Scalp Serum (prev Natural Hairgrow Serum)

" Hi Ruth,
I wanted to share pics of my results so far. With every use, my grey hair has darkened, but with lots of patience. I just placed an order for a 4 oz. bottle"- Surinder

Ciara, F
"The hair grow serum is fantastic, it has really made a difference in such a short space of time"

" works great. Thank you for your support and dedication to provide a pleasure experience and service to your customers, I won't forget it and I will spread this action to others. "
B "It was doing pretty good and felt nice on hair when i was using it"

"My hair was getting grey at 15 and by 30 was almost all white. It is also very dry. I am using (Natural Hair & Scalp Serum) it every other day.. makes it look better" -Galiya P, Tel Aviv

"I liked the hair growth product very much and will probably order it again"

"hi, i purchased 2 bottles of the hair serum, after purchasing 1 earlier. I like the product and plan to order more and more...
appreciated," Tim J, USA

"I have seen some new growth "

"hair fall had reduced & few strands had turned brown. My Mother is still using it and has significant hair growth. Rajkumar, Mumbai"

Cheree B-D, USA
"I'm amazed by how soft and silky it can make the hair feel. Right now it's time for me to put a relaxer/perm on my hair and usually it's so hard to manage without one...the katuri (Natural Hair & Scalp Serum) is making it manageable enough where I can comb right through it without any problem "
Shaquana, USA
"My mom took off her braids and had a patch, within one week of using, I couldnt see the difference between that and the rest of her head."

"Hi Ruth!
I received my package today!
I was so eager to try my Hairgrow Serum, that I put some on my hair and scalp right after I opened my package! It felt so good to massage it into my scalp.
Already, it seems to be making the courser, gray hairs around my hairline to become darker! Wow!!
You are a pleasure to do business with and I would highly recommend your company to anyone!
"- Suzie, D

"i have been putting this on my chest and it seems to help with chest hair growth."- Tim, J

"the very Best Hair Oil. I have tried dozens from India & abroad"- Sridevi, Bangalore

ACNE Control Serum, Old Scars Serum & Facewash

"The acne scar, ance serum and acne mask is great!. Ran out of Hair serum so ordering"- Yolie

" Dear Ruth,
I LOVE your acne control serum! I'm 58 yrs old and break out occasionally on my chin only. Large pimples. I had some success with Proactive, but then came across yours. I had tried everything, however, yours was the clincher!! I put it on when I see the skin beginning to rise and by the next day, it is usually gone. If the pimple is more advanced, it may take a couple of days, but your product is much better than anything I've ever come across....a little bit lasts me a really long time because I don't break out very often and it's usually one at a time. ......thank you greatly!!" Judy

Week 1
" I am very happy with your products... I do not have any new blemishes and the texture (soft and smooth) of my face is improving! ..
"I don't think I've had a new pimple in over 2 weeks and my scars do seem to be lightening plus the overall feel of my skin is improved. And this is mainly from the acne wash (which I now love!) and the acne blend and acne scars." See what Lisa says.

JS says "I must tell you, I'm really surprised at the results this (Orchid) serum has had on my skin! I received a free sample 5 days ago and what a difference! I've been having minor acne breakouts and the serum cleared it right up. I honestly was using it just for the heck of it because I don't have any wrinkles or saggy skin. It was free so I thought well, it couldn't hurt. Then my pimples started clearing up and even my husband said my skin was glowing. It's a big deal when he compliments me on my skin!"

Surestop to Eczema Itch Synergy

"Hi Ruth,
My Mom JoAnn got me some of your serum about two weeks ago. I am very happy to say that the eczema on my face that I have been dealing with for the last few years has been rapidly clearing since I started using the serum with the eczema jelly, I have been using both twice daily God Bless and Thank you"
A. Lang

"My daughter had a patch of eczema on her leg which would not heal.
The doctors gave me various creams and I tried all manner of remedies but none worked. I did not want to use a steroid cream so opted for SureStop as a 'last resort'. I wish I had discovered it sooner as the eczema has almost completely gone only three weeks since I started using it. I would recommend it to anyone!"
Lucy, Hampshire

"I liked the hair growth product very much and will ..order it again. I use virgin coconut oil on the baby daily and the exzema jelly when we're out and about. Thanks again, you're making great products

I quit using the Sure Stop on myself and the eczema around my eyes came back. So I tried it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke and it worked again! I am so happy with it!"

Body Products

Tummy Tucker Xtra
"Well, I am not really to for sure if its from me working so hard at the gym(I just started going to the gym about 4 weeks ago) or actually using that oil. I really think its a combination of both. "

"I use the tummy tightener oil every morning when I wake up and right before I go to bed.It amazes me just a nickel size amount goes along way on the tummy. It has a really relaxing smell to it."

"I had a little extra skin that would hang over my pants after I had my baby and since using the Tummy Tuck Extra it is all gone, my stomach is flat again!! I absolutely love it! " Kristy

For the
tummy tuck extra, I find its clearing up my stretchmarks too! You did not mention it does that! My tummy skin is firmer though i hope by the time am done with it will be flatter too.
Anjola, Nigeria

"I notice when I apply the ActiveStretchmark Reducer that it gives my skin this very warm sensation a few minutes after applying it. I kinda like it, actually. I feel like it's actively healing my marks."

"I've even used Strivectin for my stretchmarks and was really disappointed that I didnt get the help I thought I would. I tried (your product) a year later, and was really happy to see them fading in 2 weeks" "I had to look at your website, after seeing how good Brittny's (my daughter) strechmarks looked (in 1 and 1/2 week). I cant wait to get the stuff I ordered"

Thank you!!"

See what Vegan Beauty Review says about Custom Vegan Stretchmarks Serum

Laide, Nigeria
"Hi Ruth I've been dying to give you this feedback.
The Trimming Mask is truly an amazing product and very true to its work. Using the 3oz size I lost a total of 11 inches in my arms, tummy area n thighs. I'm so awed.
Everyone thinks I had some kinda lipo done during my vac
I can't wait to get the other items. Thanks so much"

Party Kit : Masks, Soaps & Scrubs

Party: Instant Anti-aging Facial Kit

My skin was super smooth, soft, and visibly Glowing after using the Party Kit (Ultraglow Soap, Blueberry Scrub and Beauty Secret Mask). Exceptionally Firmer, too. Wonderful results in 15 minutes.

"I love using the (Party Facial) Kit. Everyone wanted to know if I had work done. My skin glows and looks gorgeous without makeup. I'm loveing the Creme which is not letting the effects fade away fast" Anne W
Masks, Washes, Scrubs

L , D says, "i loveddddd the face wash product...tried it last night!!! All your products are exceptional and leaves my face feeling... "real"... not covered over with chemicals...but feeling like a real face with real soft skin!!

i think all women should have that pomegranate clay face mask

Hi Esther,
I have very dry skin on my body and find that the (Blueberry Seed) Polish is what my body was craving for all this time. It's really really moisturizing. " Preeti

love the (Pure Rose) night cream...i wake up feeling moisturizered and refreshed..i had been using that already and sometimes use that in the AM...just a small amount

.. mom tried your products and she's in LOVE with them too!...the mask she (Mom) did the clay mask (Bee Pollen Pomegranate Scrub/Mask) last night and her face is still glowing today!

Colds, Sinus, Pain, Teeth Synergies

The cold relief helped me breathe within 5 minutes my passages cleared up in my nose.. (I re-apply as needed)"

"Found Pain Relief very helpful to neck and shoulders. i get spots of pain because of which i move carefully- but I feel able to move more" -Sydni

" Hi Ruth:
I went to the dentist this week and they asked what I was doing differently, because after 2 - 3 years of steady decline in my gum health; my gums have now improved tremendously.
Wow! I haven't even been consistently using your tooth oil every day! And it's the only thing I'm doing different."

"the dentist said, my teeth and gum line are so much better than last year's checkup. I noticed that I could eat ice-cream now but didnt think too much than temporary help. "- Amie, A

"A fantastic product. I was skeptical at the price- but I can actually eat harder foods that I had given up on. Definitely worth the money.
If I had to choose only one product, this is it. "- Aaron

"At first, I thought it would work like the Sensitive teeth toothpaste- but this is not like that, its so much better. I only use it few days a week, and I can feel my gums are stronger, not desensitized." - Emma T

Eyes & Lips

About Orchid Serum

Tummy Tucker Extra with White Lotus

Plai for Joint Pain



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