F A Q for Holistic Serums

1 What are HolisticSerums & How do they Help?
Holistic Serums are the Gifts of Nature to Nourish Skin & Hair.
Living in a damaging environment Stresses skin and hair. Pollution, unhealthy foods, work stress, allergies, etc, all cause malnourishment and rob Skin of its Radiance, and Hair of its youthful Vitality.

For Hair & Skin to regain a nourished, healthy look, you need specialized, intensive nourishment that Holistic Serums provides.
These Serums are intensive Treatments with Rare nourishing ingredients to make Skin and Hair Thrive from the inside out.
They help to boost personal confidence, and give an extra edge to Lifestyle and Social interaction.

2 What are Holistic Serums made of?
Combinations of synergistic Holistic Oils made with essences from Flowers, Roots, Leaves, Fruit, Gums, etc., which are Water-free, Fragrance-free, Color-free, and by nature, beneficial to Skin that gets easily sensitized to synthetic chemicals.

3 There are a lot of Ayurved products, a lot of Aromatherapy Products. How do you differentiate?

Holistic Serums use a combination of ingredients, guiding principles, processing from Ayurved, Aromatherapy & TCM.

Synergizing ingredients from different cultures and countries are used to enhance each other and it is this nourishing combination that gives benefits.

4 How do I know which product to use for myself
Find Your Match may be helpful or write to us for customization.

5 Explain why your products are in Small/ Mini Sizes?
Our Minis are our USP.
Searching for solutions for specific Skin- concern is an expensive lifestyle.
As previous product junkies, our shelves were once filled with partly used products of Lush, Bodyshop, l'Occcitane, Clinique, Givenchy, Vichy and more, making us often wish for expensive products to be trial sized.

When we created Brand Holistic Serums, we wanted it to be
1. Convenient to be tried by anyone who genuinely cares for their Skin & Hair
2. Be used Fully and
3. Be found Functional.

The Minis are high-concentrates, 0.125 Oz of Cream can be used upto 2 months, giving 10 times the benefits of 8oz creams. The Minis offer this Experience:
1. to find out how Beautiful and well-maintained Skin can become
2. to evaluate how long the effect lasts, and thus differentiate it from any other product.
3. To find out if Holistic Serums match your Lifestyle needs.

6 Who benefits most?
1. Working women and men who undergo work & environmental stresses, reflected on Skin & Hair at an early age. They need quick fixes for Social events, to relax and unwind without the extra worry of how skin looks, basically, for someone who wants to Clean up good.

2. Moms
As Moms, we have spent much Time & Energy on our families, for years, and had little left over for ourselves. So we made Holistic Serums to show quick results in areas of neglect so that Moms, too, can feel Sensitive and Sensual.
If you are a son or daughter, they can be a loving, thoughtful Gift to your Mother.

See Client Testimonials

7 What is the Focus of Holistic Serums

Holistic Serums are created with 4 Focal Points in mind.

1. Made with Holistic Ingredients
Whole and Natural Cold pressed Oils, Steam distilled Essential Oils, Natural Herbs, Gums, Clays - with no synthetic chemicals. (creams may have a preservative.)

2. Made as High Concentrates
so that only a few drops, or tiny dab of cream may be used, similar to Serums on the market

3. Made to give Healthy Nourishing Benefits to appearance

4. Made to be Convenient and Easy- Maintenance.
Special concern is for Moms who have little time to care for themselves.
and Children with Dry, Sensitive skin concerns

While Colors, natural scent of ingredients, texture may vary by batch, the primary Focus is not lost.

8 Why use High Quality, Authentic & Rare Ingredients? Can't you use cheaper alternatives.

Mass-manufactured skincare, with synthetic chemicals, rarely benefit, except for temporary moisturizing.
To genuinely Nourish Skin & Hair, each Ingredient must be exceptional.
Working with fine natural ingredients for several years, from across the globe, gave the realization that ONLY Genuine, High-Quality, Rare Ingredients give exceptional Results.
We use only these- only the Best ingredients go into our Serums.

9 Why is Your Pricing so high
1. Because of our Rare, select ingredients, sourced worldwide.
2. Because we hand-make each product with great attention to its benefits. Some products take weeks and months to make.

Our prices are fair for the amount of Time, Energy & Expertise that goes into them
Their results speak for themselves. One could go so far as to say, Value greatly exceeds Price. If you were to compare benefits with clinical procedures, they are a mere fraction of the cost, non-invasive, and at-home treatments
10 Why Trial sizes
Trial Sizes last 1-2 weeks, and available for 2 reasons:
1. Nourishment is seen in 1-2 weeks, sometimes 1-3 uses. This is enough for a special occassion in one week.
2. For the benefit of Clients with Skin Sensitivities.

Most Regular Sizes will last several days/ weeks/ months, depending on use and product.

11. Other Thoughts.
Holistic Serums optimizes skin & hair at every level.
Skin that is cared for, looks well-maintained, and is more responsive to show benefits, is more protected from environmental factors. Skin with years of neglect is damaged faster in harsh weather/ environments. We provide the Care for Skin and Hair that gives long-term benefits and reduce the stress of what can happen in future.

"The ideal lover of flowers
..visits them in their native haunts Linwosing, losing himself amid mysterious fragrance as he wandered in the twilight among the plum-blossoms of the Western Lake"
- Okakura Kakuzo



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